Surgical removal of uterus and cervix, and sometimes fallopian tubes and ovaries as well, through horizontal incision ('bikini incision') in lower abdomen or through the vagina; convalescence can take up to 2 months, depending on age and general state of health. After the operation, some women experience temporary Depression associated with imagined 'loss of femininity'; once vaginal and lower abdominal scars have healed, intercourse can be resumed; sexual enjoyment and ability to have orgasm are not usually impaired.

Unfortunately, for cancer of the uterus or cancer of the ovary (see Cancer), for fibroids (see Uterus Problems) which occupy space equivalent to that occupied by a 12-week-old foetus, and in cases where there is great pain and persistent bleeding, hysterectomy is the only effective treatment; in all other cases, hysterectomy should be a last resort. Homeopathic remedies below alleviate post-operative pain and promote healing.

Specific remedies to be taken after operation

  • Immediately after operation as soon as anaesthetic wears off Arnica 30c hourly for up to 3 doses, then every 12 hours for up to 5 days
  • If healing is slow or there are complications Staphysagria 30c every 4 hours for up to 5 days

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