Spotty skin on face, neck or back caused by the boost which higher hormone levels give to the production of oily sebum and the growth rate of cells in the epidermis; clogged by a mixture of dead cells and sebum, some sebaceous glands become inflamed, forming raised, red spots or pus-filled pimples; squeezing and picking do not improve matters. Condition is often more severe in boys than girls, but skin usually clears in late teens or early twenties. Lasting scars are rare. In some cases foods such as chocolate, cheese and nuts, and fizzy citrus drinks and junk foods in general seem to aggravate condition; Stress, steroids and anti-epilepsy drugs may also play a part. In severe cases medical doctor may prescribe an antiseptic lotion which peels top layer of skin, or antibiotics, hormones, or drugs based on Vitamin A. Homeopathic medicine regards acne as a symptom of fundamental imbalance, so treatment is long-term and constitutional; however the remedies and self-help measures below may produce some improvement.

Specific remedies to be taken 3 times daily for up to 14 days

  • Itchy spots, fidgety feet, restless sleep, unpleasant dreams Kali brom. 6c
  • Long-standing acne, rough hard skin, condition aggravated by washing, especially if person tends not to feel the cold and is prone to diarrhoea first thing in the morning Sulphur 6c
  • Blind pimples and weeping pustules which form yellow crusts, spots slow to heal Calcarea sulph. 6c
  • Large spots which look like boils Hepar sulph. 6c
  • Spots made worse by rich, fatty food, especially if person is fair-haired, cries easily, and dislikes stuffy rooms Pulsatilla 6c
  • Where pus-filled pimples are main feature Antimonium tart. 6c
  • Where skin scars easily Silicea 6c

Self-help: Sunlight, Vitamins A & B6, and zinc all have a beneficial effect, although zinc may interfere with the absorption of some orthodox drugs given for acne. Avoid refined carbohydrates and iodine (in some cough mixtures, seaweed, etc). The Liver Diet, followed for 1 month, should also have a positive effect. Thoroughly wash affected areas twice a day - that will remove excess sebum and dead cells. Do not take vengeance on spots by scrubbing them - damaged, abraided skin easily becomes infected. Mildly antiseptic over-the-counter preparations should be used very sparingly as they can cause sensitisation reactions.

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  Antimonium tart.
  Calcarea sulph.
  Hepar sulph.
  Kali brom.
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Special Diets

  Liver Diet
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  Vitamin A
  Vitamin B6
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