Outbursts of angry crying, shouting, and screaming if demands are not instantly met. Tensions within the family, lack of parental affection, inconsistent discipline, and other factors which encourage Insecurity are usually the reason, but a food Allergy is sometimes at the root of the problem. Constitutional homeopathic treatment can help.

Specific remedies to be given once daily for up to 1 week

  • Child cross, touchy, rejects all efforts to please, may also have worms and grind teeth in sleep Cina 30c
  • Child impatient, impossible to please, only placated by being carried around Chamomilla 30c
  • Child prickly, hyper-critical, touchier than ever after overeating Nux 30c
  • Child generally dissatisfied with life, very malicious, seems to go into tantrums in spite of himself or herself Tuberculinum 30c

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  Insecurity in Children
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  Nux vom.
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