An extreme reaction to cold, in which superficial blood vessels contract excessively causing skin to go pale and numb, then red, swollen, and itchy; eventually skin may break; most common on hands and feet. Problems get worse with repeated exposure to cold and damp. If the remedies given below do not seem to be effective, see your homeopath.

Specific remedies to be taken every ½ -hour for up to 6 doses

  • Chilblains with burn and itch, skin red and swollen, and not relieved by cold applications Agaricus 30c
  • Chilblains get worse in cold weather, person feels chilly, is prone to head sweats, and puts on weight easily Calcarea 30c
  • Chilblains most painful when limbs hang downwards, veins swollen, warmth makes discomfort worse Pulsatilla 30c
  • Chilblains itch and burn, skin weepy and watery, damp makes problem worse, person prone to rough skin Petroleum 30c

Self-help: Keep affected parts as warm and as dry as possible during cold or damp weather. If skin is broken, apply Calendula ointment; if not, apply Tamus ointment. Try not to scratch.

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  Calendula ointment
  Tamus ointment

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