Varicose Ulcers (Venous Ulcers)

In older people with poor circulation or Varicose Veins, even a tiny crack or injury to the skin can be slow to heal; without a good supply of fresh blood to bring in infection-fighting white blood cells or take away toxins the injury site may become ulcerated and take months to heal; a typical varicose ulcer has a pale, weeping centre a red, itchy surround, and brown mottling around that; commonest site is on legs, just above ankles. Routinely treated by applying antiseptic dressings to prevent infection, and support bandaging to speed up blood flow; in severe cases, medical doctor may recommend hospitalisation, and vein surgery or a skin graft may be necessary. The remedies given below promote healing, but if there is no improvement within 14 days, see your homeopath.

Specific remedies to be taken 4 times daily for up to 14 days

  • General remedy for varicose ulcers Hamamelis 6c
  • Ulcers bleed easily and cause splinter-like pains Nitric ac. 6c
  • Ulcers burn, especially between midnight and 2 am, but are less painful when heat is applied Arsenicum 6c
  • Skin around ulcers bluish-purple Lachesis 6c
  • Ulcers which are slow to form and equally slow to heal, with chronic mild infection Silicea 6c
  • Early stages, before ulcer forms, when skin is hot red, and throbbing Belladonna 30c
  • Edges of ulcers clear-cut, as if made with a hole punch, white discharge Kali bichrom. 6c
  • Ulcers oozing unpleasant-smelling pus and serum Mercurius 6c
  • Ulcers form reddish scabs with pus beneath Mezereum 6c
  • Ulcers bleed easily Phosphorus 6c
  • Varicose ulcers in an elderly person Carbo veg. 6c
  • Ulcers at site of injury Arnica 6c

Self-help: if ulcers are due to varicose veins, raise legs above hip level when resting, avoid standing for any length of time, and go for a daily walk. Take extra Vitamin C and zinc. Apply Hypericum and Calendula ointment to dressings, and change them daily.

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  Carbo veg.
  Kali bichrom.
  Nitric ac.
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Other Treatments

  Hypericum and Calendula ointment
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  Vitamin C

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