see also Catarrh, Colds in Infants, Colds in Children

Virus infections which cause inflammation of the mucous membranes lining the nose, and a watery discharge which rapidly becomes thick and yellowish, and sometimes slight or moderate Fever; if immunity is low, infection can spread to sinuses, ears, throat, larynx, trachea, or lungs, causing Sinusitis, Middle Ear Infection and inner ear infections, pharyngitis, Laryngitis, Tonsillitis, Tracheitis, and Bronchitis.

Children tend to get more colds than adults, but recurrent colds, in children or adults, are usually a sign of a weakened immune system, perhaps due to Stress or poor nutrition, and usually require constitutional homeopathic treatment. Conventional treatment is by aspirin, antihistamines, or antibiotics; the latter cannot combat viruses, of course, but they may help to prevent bacterial infection. In acute cases, the remedies below are recommended.

Specific remedies to be taken even 2 hours for up to 4 doses

  • Cold comes on suddenly, especially after exposure to cold, dry wind, sneezing, burning throat, restlessness, symptoms worse at night Aconite 30c
  • Cold comes on suddenly, with a high temperature, skin dry, hot, and burning, light hurts eyes, sore throat worse on right side, tickly cough, person very thirsty Belladonna 30c
  • Cold comes on more slowly, mild fever only, person prone to nosebleeds Ferrum phos. 30c
  • Cold rather like 'flu, person feels sluggish and shivery, limbs chilly, aching, and heavy Gelsemium 30c
  • Person more than usually irritable and critical, feels chilly, nose runs during day but becomes blocked at night Nux 30c
  • Cold in early stages, sneezing worse in morning, catarrh like raw egg white, blocked nose, cold sores, person rejects sympathy and wants to be left alone Natrum mur. 30c
  • Sweating, excessive salivation, sneezing, catarrh thick and yellowish-green, bad breath Mercurius 30c
  • Person not at all thirsty but wants lot of attention and sympathy Pulsatilla 30c
  • Catarrh thick and yellowish-green, infection spreads to ears or to throat, which feels as if it has a splinter in it, person irritable, chilly, very sensitive to draughts, breaks out in smelly sweats Hepar sulph. 30c
  • Cough, headache made worse by coughing, dry mouth, person very thirsty, irritable, wants to be left alone, symptoms worse for slightest movement Bryonia 30c
  • Profuse catarrh which causes burning sensation in eyes, eyes streaming, worse at night Euphrasia 30c
  • Eyes streaming, discharge from nose burns upper lip, person feels better in fresh air Allium 30c

Self-help: Most effective treatment is rest, plenty of fluids (hot water with fresh lemon juice and a little honey in it is good), extra Vitamin C (500 mg every 2 hours for up to 6 doses), a light diet (soups, raw fruit, vegetables), and plenty of fresh air. Some people find that regular supplements of Vitamins A and C, and zinc, help to prevent colds. A combination of ‘Q’ tissue salts and Potters Antifect are of value in some people. Stop smoking.

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  Ferrum phos.
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  Natrum mur.
  Nux vom.
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