Mouth Ulcers

see also Cold SoresOral Thrush

Often a sign of being run down or under Stress, but can also be caused by accidental damage (biting side of mouth, using toothbrush carelessly, eating food which is too hot); aggravated by acidic and spicy food, and by cigarette smoke; in some cases, may be symptom of food Allergy. Usually clear up within 10 days, or more quickly with a little self-help; if ulcers have not healed after 3 weeks, see your medical doctor; in very rare cases, persistent ulcers may be a first sign of cancer. Constitutional treatment is recommended if ulcers are recurrent.

Specific remedies to be taken 4 times daily for up to 5 days

  • Ulcers bleed when touched or after eating, mouth hot and tender, sometimes associated with oral thrush Borax 30c
  • Mouth dry and burning, ulcers soothed by warm water Arsenicum 30c
  • Ulcers mainly on tongue, where they sting and burn, especially when chewing food, tongue coated and trembly, more saliva than usual, bad breath, loose teeth Mercurius 30c
  • Ulcers mainly on soft palate, where they feel like sharp splinters, bad breath, increased saliva Nitric ac. 30c

Self-help: Avoid hot spicy foods and acidic foods, and stop smoking. Avoid caffeine and foods high in argine especially walnuts and strawberries. Limit intake of sweets and refined carbohydrates. Rinse mouth with warm salt solution (1 teaspoon of salt to 1 glass of boiled cooled water) several times a day. For relief try a wet teabag placed on top of the ulcer or use goldenseal tea as a mouthwash. Try Acidophilus in a capsule or live yoghurt held in mouth. If you are run down Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C will also help. If stress is the culprit, exercise and relaxation may be the long-term answer.

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