Prostate Problems

Enlarged Prostate
Extremely common in men over 45, although cause is not known; symptomless until tissues become sufficiently stiff and enlarged to interfere with expulsion of urine from bladder; at this point sufferer may find it difficult to start stream of urine, especially in mornings, despite urgent signals from bladder, and may have to get up several times in night; stream of urine is also weak, and there may be blood in it; some sufferers complain of dragging section between legs. Symptoms clear up of own accord in 1 in 3 of mild cases; however, if condition persists and is not treated, possible complications include Cystitis (bladder infection), acute Pyelonephritis (kidney infection), Retention of Urine (bladder expands to hold more urine, less and less urine passed), and eventually Kidney Failure. A localised lump rather than general enlargement suggests possibility of cancer of prostate (see Cancer); to rule out cancer, a biopsy is necessary.

Excess prostate tissue can be removed surgically by making incision in abdomen or by passing very slender instruments through urethra; most prostatectomy operations completely relieve urinary difficulties, but ability to obtain erection and ejaculate sperm is sometimes lost.

Specific remedies to be taken 4 times daily for up to 2l days

  • Difficult or painful urination, with spasms of bladder or urethra Sabal 6c
  • Where person is senile, urinates frequently at night, complains of pressure on rectum and smarting sensation at neck of bladder Ferrum pic. 6c
  • Frequent urge to urinate, slow stream of urine, person thin, underweight, prematurely impotent Baryta 6c
  • Frequent, urgent desire to pass urine Thuja 6c
  • Loss of potency, shrunken testes, prostate gland feels hard, though hardness may not be due to cancer Iodum 6c
  • Impotence because erection is lost on penetration, or lack of desire for sex, or pain on intercourse Argentum nit. 6c

Self-help: Many sufferers find that lecithin and calcium + magnesium tablets help - both are obtainable from chemists and healthfood shops. Correct dosages are 2 or 3 dessertspoons of Lecithin per day, and one calcium + magnesium tablet 3 times a day for 1 month. zinc and Evening Primrose oil have been found to be helpful. Avoid constipation. Try Sabal serrulata, available either as a herb or in homeopathic form in low potency, as above.

Inflammation of prostate, usually due to infection spreading from elsewhere in urinary tract; an acute attack causes Fever, pain and tenderness around base of penis, and difficulty passing urine; if left untreated, prostate may fill with pus and burst, releasing pus into urethra and causing further infection. Condition is most common in men between 30 and 50, and tends to recur; a mild attack may clear up of its own accord. Conventionally treated by antibiotics; in resistant cases, pus may need to be drained surgically. Homeopathic treatment is constitutional, but in an acute attack the remedies below may help; if there is no improvement within 24 hours, see your medical doctor.

Specific remedies to be taken every 2 hours for up to 10 doses

  • Where prostate is enlarged and area around prostate feels cold, or where ejaculation is impossible or intercourse is painful Sabal 6c
  • Burning sensation at neck of bladder, frequent urge to pass urine Thuja 6c
  • Thick yellows discharge from penis, urgent need to pass urine, lying on back makes matters worse Pulsatilla 6c

Self-help: If condition is mild but recurrent, extra zinc and two daily 10-15 ml doses of cold-pressed Linseed oil may be beneficial.

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