Leg Problems

Pain in thigh or calf muscles may be pulled muscles (especially after unaccustomed exercise or exercising without warming up properly) or it may signal a vascular problem such as Varicose Veins (legs ache, especially after prolonged standing), inflammation of a vein as in Thrombophlebitis (hard swelling, tenderness, or itchiness along length of vein), arteriosclerosis or Buerger's disease (pain worse with exercise, better for rest), Cramp (comes on after strenuous or unaccustomed exercise, but quickly wears off), or Deep vein thrombosis (calf pain, with swelling and tenderness). Deep Vein Thrombosis requires prompt attention, so consult your doctor if there is no improvement in 12 hours.

Fractures can be caused by injury, Osteoporosis, or bone tumours; a fractured leg causes pain, loss of movement, and sometimes visible deformity; appropriate action is to contact Emergency Medical Services and give Arnica 6c every 15 minutes until help arrives.

Localised pain and Fever, and feeling generally unwell, may indicate osteomyelitis. Pain which shoots down one leg when you sneeze or cough may be Sciatica.

For homeopathic remedies, see conditions above as appropriate. If none of the remedies listed seems entirely suitable, choose one from the list below; if there is no improvement within 48 hours, see your medical doctor.

Specific remedies to be taken every 2 hours for up to 2 days

  • Shooting pains which shift around, or aching, rheumatic pains, causing limping and sudden muscle contractions Belladonna 30c
  • Pains between calf and ankle, causing limping, or 'growing pains' in lower leg Guaiacum 30c
  • Pains which shift around, noticeably worse in warm rooms Kali sulph. 30c
  • Tearing pain worse in right leg, especially in hot thundery weather Rhododendron 30c
  • Tearing pains and stiffness, made worse by cold wet weather and by not moving around, alleviated by gentle exercise Rhus tox. 30c

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