Trigeminal Neuralgia

see also Neuralgia & Neuritis

Bouts of severe, shooting pain in one side of face, lasting for seconds or minutes, brought on by touch or pressure, chewing, draughts, etc., and caused by damage to trigeminal nerve, although cause of damage is not known; if muscles on affected side of face go into spasm, a facial tic develops, condition is most common in people over 70. If shooting pains occur in conjunction with a sinus, ear, or tooth infection, cause is probably not trigeminal neuralgia but temporary inflammation of trigeminal nerve. If drugs do not prevent neuralgia attacks, medical doctor may recommend an operation partially to destroy trigeminal nerve.

However, provided infection has been ruled out, author recommends homeopathic treatment as first resort; if the remedies below produce no improvement within 2 weeks, see your homeopath.

Specific remedies to be taken 4 times daily for up to 14 days

  • Intolerable pain in ear, made worse by slightest movement, face flushed, acid indigestion Verbascum 6c
  • Burning pains which wear off with exercise or exertion, weakness, restlessness Arsenicum 6c
  • Tearing, stinging pains made worse by cold and damp, relieved by pressure Colocynth 6c
  • Neuralgia on right side of face Kalmia 6c
  • Neuralgia on left side of face, tearing pains, twitching muscles, face very pale, noise makes symptoms worse, pressure makes them better Spigelia 6c

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