Febrile Convulsions

see also Fits in Children, Fits & Convulsions, Fits, Epilepsy, Epileptic Fits

Fits brought on by Fever. There is no evidence that febrile convulsions cause permanent brain damage, but if they recur without fever, constitutional treatment should be sought. In acute attack contact Emergency Medical Services if homeopathic remedies fail to take effect within two minutes. It may be necessary for medical doctor to give a tranquilliser by rectum to stop convulsions. If child loses consciousness, put him or her in recovery position (see First Aid).

Specific remedies to be given every minute for up to 3 doses or until fit subsides

  • First signs of fit Aconite 30c
  • Fit accompanies gastroenteritis Aethusa 30c
  • Fit preceded by staring eyes and excited, incoherent behaviour Belladonna 30c
  • Child very pale, has sunken fontanelle Zinc sulph. 30c

Self-help: See Fever in Children for care of feverish child.

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