Fits in Children

see also Febrile Convulsions, Fits & Convulsions, Fits, Epilepsy, Epileptic Fits

Not all involuntary, convulsive movements are epileptic fits or traceable to injury or infection of the brain. However, if your child goes into convulsions and loses consciousness put him or her in the recovery position and contact Emergency Medical Services. During the fit, be gentle and make sure the child comes to no physical harm. Orthodox treatment is to give tranquillizers by rectum.

Specific remedies to be given every minute for up to 3 doses while waiting for help

  • At first sign of attack Aconite 30c
  • If attack continues Cicuta 30c

Breath-Holding Attacks
An angry or injured toddler can cry to the point where he or she stops breathing and becomes unconscious. This is not a true fit.

Specific remedies to be taken very 5 minutes for up to 6 doses as soon as child recovers consciousness

  • Breath-holding due to injury Arnica 30c
  • Breath-holding due to bad temper Chamomilla 30c

Self-help: Extra calcium is recommended if child is prone to breath-holding attacks.

Epileptic Fits (including petit mal, grand mal, and temporal lobe epilepsy)
See Epilepsy for description and treatment. In acute attacks give Cicuta 6c every 2 minutes.

Febrile Convulsions
Convulsions associated with Fever. See Fever for description and treatment.

Infantile Spasm
Also known as ‘salaam attacks’ because child doubles up at waist in an attitude of prayer. Attacks last for up to 2 seconds and may come on twice or three times a day. Causes include brain damage, at birth, lack of oxygen or sugar in blood going to brain, brain infection, and metabolic diseases such as phenylketonuria; can also be an after effect of whooping cough vaccine. Unfortunately, attacks can cause or aggravate brain damage.

Self-help: Extra magnesium is recommended.

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