Acute bacterial infection of the throat (larynx, pharynx, tonsils), once common but now rare due to immunization and improved hygiene. Toxins produced by Diptheria bacteria destroy mucous membranes lining throat, giving them a grey, veil-like appearance, and causing swelling of underlying tissues. As membranes slough off and tissues swell, breathing may be obstructed. Toxins can also damage nervous system (see Neuritis) and affect heart. First signs are FeverHeadacheSore Throat, and swollen glands in neck; later signs may be obstructed breathing, irregular pulse, vomiting, and difficulty swallowing or focusing. Incubation is 2-6 days, but child remains infectious for at least 10 days after onset of fever.

If Diptheria is suspected, consult your doctor if there is no improvement in 12 hours. Conventional treatment is penicillin and injections of anti-toxin serum.

Specific remedy to be taken ½ hourly until help arrives

  • Mercurius cyan. 30c

Immunization: Both homeopathic and orthodox medicine offer immunization based on the Diptheria bacteria (Corynebacterium diptheriae) or its toxins. Orthodox immunization is usually part of 'triple' immunization, which boosts resistance to Tetanus and Whooping Cough as well as Diptheria.

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  Mercurius cyan.
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