Weight Gain

Occurs inexorably when calories consumed are not equalled by calories spent. Too much food and not enough exercise are often features of Depression. Apathy and exercise do not go together, but food and the need for comfort do. Hormonal causes of weight gain (here too emotions and general activity levels play a role) include Hypothyroidism (always feeling cold, Constipation, thinning hair, dry skin), and Cushing's syndrome (moon-faced look, muscle wasting, easy bruising). Weight gain can also be a symptom of fluid retention (oedema, Kidney FailureHeart Failure); most women put on a little weight before their periods due to fluid retention (see Premenstrual Syndrome). Some drugs, especially steroids and oral contraceptives, cause weight gain; so, in some people, does giving up smoking.

For orthodox and homeopathic treatment, see conditions mentioned above. See Weight Problems entry for more information.

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