Semecarpus anacardium - marking nut - ripe dried fruits

From Anacardium orientale, the marking nut tree. The homeopathic remedy is made from cardol, a blackish juice extracted from the pith between the shell and the kernel of the nuts. The juice is used, in India and elsewhere, to mark linen and to etch away moles on the skin.

Constitutional Indications
Anacardium is highly beneficial to people who have an inferiority complex and are trying hard to prove themselves; they suffer from extreme inner conflict and have, as the saying goes, 'a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other' Children who suddenly give up studying for exams, saying they can't remember what they are reading, are candidates for Anacardium.

Symptoms Alleviated

The symptoms listed below are alleviated by Anacardium. Click on a symptom to find other remedies which alleviate that particular symptom:

Difficult, Laboured Breathing
Pale Complexion
Symptoms Worse After Eating
Symptoms Improve While Eating
Inward-pressing Pain
Rest Aggravates Symptoms
Itchiness Aggravated by Scratching
Not in Mood for Company
Discontent & Dissatisfaction
Feeling Harassed Aggravates Symptoms
Mental Exhaustion & Memory Problems with Exams
Restlessness, Nervousness
Extreme Talkativeness

Remedies which Follow Well


Antidoting Remedies

Rhus tox.

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Ailments & Diseases Alleviated by Anacardium

  Bites & Stings
  Disturbed Sense of Smell
  Exam Funk
  Memory Loss
  Mental Exhaustion

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