Natrum sulph.

Natrum sulphuricum - Glauber's Salts, sodium sulphate

The source of this remedy is Glauber's salts or sodium sulphate, a constituent of many spa waters and also used as a tissue salt.

Constitutional Indications
Natrum sulph. is especially indicated for people who are pale, tired, ill-looking, and who are sensitive and have been hurt many times.

Symptoms Alleviated

The symptoms listed below are alleviated by Natrum sulph.. Click on a symptom to find other remedies which alleviate that particular symptom:

Difficult, Laboured Breathing
Yellow Complexion
Greenish Phlegm & Sputum
Yellowish Discharges from Urethra
Symptoms Better After Bowel Movements
Foul-smelling Faeces
Greenish Faeces
Watery Faeces
Moving Around Alleviates Symptoms
Changing Position Alleviates Symptoms
Lying Down Aggravates Symptoms
Getting Out of Bed Alleviates Symptoms
Walking Alleviates Symptoms
Mouth Feels Dry
Thick Nasal Discharge
Tearing Pain - External
Rest Aggravates Symptoms
Firm Pressure Aggravates Symptoms
Urinating Very Frequently
Greenish Vaginal Discarge
Vomit Mainly Bile
Cold Air Improves Symptoms
Damp House or Cellar Aggravates Symptoms
Dry Air Alleviates Symptoms
Symptoms Worse in Morning
Sensitivity to Music
Being Out of Doors Improves Symptoms
Seaside Air Aggravates Symptoms
Cold, Wet Weather Aggravates Symptoms
Warm, Wet Weather Aggravates Symptoms
Wet Weather Aggravates Symptoms
Desire for Cold Drinks
Fruit Aggravates Symptoms
Rich Food Aggravates Symptoms
Cabbage Aggravates Symptoms
Green Vegetables Aggravate Symptoms
Can't Bear Being Spoken To

Complementary Remedies


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