Ferrum metallicum - iron

Symptoms Alleviated

The symptoms listed below are alleviated by Ferrum. Click on a symptom to find other remedies which alleviate that particular symptom:

Lack of Appetite
Ravenous Appetite
Breaking into Cold Sweats
Profuse Sweating
Earthy Complexion
Pale Complexion
Red Complexion
Yellow Complexion
Faeces Containing Undigested Food
Rapid or Vigorous Movement Aggravates Symptoms
Sudden Movement Aggravates Symptoms
Changing Position Aggravates Symptoms
Jarring or Vibration Aggravates Symptoms
Lying Down Aggravates Symptoms
Sitting Aggravates Symptoms
Pressing, Persistent Pain - External
Rest Aggravates Symptoms
Being in Bed Aggravates Symptoms
Touching Aggravates Symptoms
Excoriating Vaginal Discarge, Causing Skin to Blister
Where Vomiting is Main Symptom
Vomit Contains Undigested Food
Symptoms Worse at Night
Cold Drinks Aggravates Symptoms
Tea Aggravates Symptoms
Vinegar Aggravates Symptoms
Aversion to Drinks in General
Fatty Foods Aggravate Symptoms
Sour Foods Aggravate Symptoms
Aversion to Food in General
Desire for Warm & Hot Food
Can't Bear to Be Opposed or Contradicted
Restlessness, Nervousness

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Ailments & Diseases Alleviated by Ferrum

  Menstrual Problems
  Morning Sickness
  Nephrotic Syndrome
  Post Partum Haemorrhage
  Shoulder Problems
  Stress Incontinence
  Varicose Veins

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