China officinalis - Peruvian bark, quinine - dried bark of Chinchona succumbra from young trunk, older branches

From Cinchona calisaya, an evergreen shrub from South America. The homeopathic remedy is made from the dried bark, also known as Peruvian bark, which yields quinine, used to treat malaria and also to cause abortion. Quinine causes contractions of the bronchi, spleen and uterus, irritation of the stomach, cochlea, and retina, loss of protein in the urine, and heat, fever and sweating. Its homeopathic derivative is very beneficial after debilitating illness or excessive loss of body fluids.

Constitutional Indications
Individuals of an artistic or poetic nature usually respond well to China.

Symptoms Alleviated

The symptoms listed below are alleviated by China. Click on a symptom to find other remedies which alleviate that particular symptom:

Appetite Easily Satisfied
Increase in Appetite
Ravenous Appetite
Breaking into Cold Sweats
Profuse Sweating
Difficult, Laboured Breathing
Earthy Complexion
Pale Complexion
Red Complexion
Coughing Aggravates Symptoms
Heavily Infected Phlegm & Sputum
Sickly Facial Expression
Symptoms Worse During Bowel Movements
Symptoms Worse After Bowel Movements
Pale-coloured Faeces
Faeces Containing Undigested Food
Moving Around Aggravates Symptoms
Jarring or Vibration Aggravates Symptoms
Symptoms Worse at Menopause
Sore, Cracked Lips
Mouth Feels Dry
Tongue Feels Dry
Bloody Nasal Discharge
Sudden Cramping Pain - Internal
Pressing, Persistent Pain - Internal
Sore, Bruised Feeling
Stitch-like Pain - Internal
Tearing Pain - External
Rest Alleviates Symptoms
Dry Skin
Sensitive Skin
Symptoms Worse on Waking
Unusual Sleepiness in Afternoon
Lack of Thirst
Wanting to Drink Small Amounts at Frequent Intervals
Wanting to Drink Large Amounts
Touching Aggravates Symptoms
Cloudy Urine
Where Vomiting is Main Symptom
Vomit Contains Undigested Food
Vomit Tastes Sour
Cold Baths Aggravates Symptoms
Cold in General Aggravates Symptoms
Symptoms Come On After Catching Cold
Symptoms Worse at Night
Waxing Moon Aggravates Symptoms
Sensitivity to Noise
Noise Aggravates Symptoms
Being Out of Doors Aggravates Symptoms
Windy & Stormy Weather Aggravates Symptoms
Tea Aggravates Symptoms
Desire for Cold Drinks
Flatulent Foods Aggravate Symptoms
Fruit Aggravates Symptoms
Bread Aggravates Symptoms
Cabbage Aggravates Symptoms
Milk Aggravates Symptoms
Sauerkraut Aggravates Symptoms
Aversion to Food in General
Aversion to Warm & Hot Food
Aversion to Fatty & Rich Foods
Aversion to Fruit
Aversion to Beer
Aversion to Bread
Aversion to Butter
Desire for Spicy Foods
Desire for Sweet Foods
Brooding, Tendency to Dwell on Things
Indifference, Lack of Interest in People or Things
Can't Bear to Be Looked At
Punishment Aggravates Symptoms
Aversion to Thinking

Complementary Remedies

Calcarea phos.

Antidoting Remedies


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