Argentum nit.

Argentum nitricum - silver nitrate

The source of this remedy is silver nitrate, once known as Hell Stone or Devil's Stone because of its corrosive and sometimes lethal effect. Chronic silver nitrate poisoning causes the skin to turn permanently blue and damages the kidneys, liver, spleen and aorta. Acute poisoning - not uncommon in the days when silver nitrate was used to cauterize wounds after surgery - causes severe respiratory difficulties.

Symptoms Alleviated

The symptoms listed below are alleviated by Argentum nit.. Click on a symptom to find other remedies which alleviate that particular symptom:

Lack of Appetite & Lack of Thirst
Intolerance of Clothing
Dirty-looking Complexion
Pale Complexion
Sallow Complexion
Yellow Complexion
Coughing Aggravates Symptoms
Heavily Infected Discharge from Eyes
Sticky Phlegm & Sputum
Thick Phlegm & Sputum
Burning, Scalding Discharges from Urethra
Old-looking Facial Expression
Stupid, Stupefied Facial Expression
Foul-smelling Faeces
Greenish Faeces
Watery Faeces
Symptoms Worse on Left Side
Bending Double Alleviates Symptoms
Lying on Left Side Aggravates Symptoms
Symptoms Worse During Periods
Symptoms Worse at Menopause
Tongue Red on Tip Only
Boring, Penetrating Pain
Pressing, Persistent Pain - Internal
Splinter-like Pain
Touching Aggravates Symptoms
Firm Pressure Aggravates Symptoms
Urinating Very Frequently
Feeble Stream of Urine
Hoarse Voice
Losing Voice
Where Vomiting is Main Symptom
Mucus in Vomit
Cold Baths Alleviate Symptoms
Cold Bathing & Cold Applications Improve Symptoms
Radiant Heat Aggravates Symptoms
Stuffy Rooms Aggravates Symptoms
Symptoms Worse at Night
Symptoms Worse Before Midnight
Being Out of Doors Improves Symptoms
Symptoms Worse in Summer
Sour Foods Aggravate Symptoms
Sweet Foods Aggravate Symptoms
Desire for Salty Foods
Desire for Sweet Foods
Desire for Company
Delusions, Hallucinations, Overactive Imagination
Dullness, Sluggishness, Difficulty Understanding
Excitement & Excitability
Easily Frightened
Punishment Aggravates Symptoms
Restlessness, Nervousness
Talking Very Slowly

Antidoting Remedies

Natrum mur.

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  Belching (Eructation)
  Cervical Spondylosis
  Exam Funk
  Eye Inflammation
  Intercourse Anxiety
  Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Spastic Colon)
  Prostate Problems
  School Phobia

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