Carbo veg.

Carbo vegetalis - vegetable charcoal, made from beech, birch or poplar wood

The source of this homeopathic remedy is vegetable charcoal, made from beech, birch or poplar wood. Its main action is the removal of excess mucus from the digestive system. In the pre-pharmaceutical era vegetable charcoal was used to absorb gases and check fermentation.

Constitutional Indications
Carbo veg. is most beneficial to people who complain of not having felt really well since a particular illness or accident. Mental sluggishness is one of the first symptoms they mention.

Symptoms Alleviated

The symptoms listed below are alleviated by Carbo veg.. Click on a symptom to find other remedies which alleviate that particular symptom:

Sickly Body Odour
Breaking into Cold Sweats
Profuse Sweating
Difficult, Laboured Breathing
Rapid Breathing
Sighing Frequently
Bluish Complexion
Pale Complexion
Sallow Complexion
Greenish Phlegm & Sputum
Symptoms Get Worse While Eating
Haggard Facial Expression
Foul-smelling Faeces
Moving Around Aggravates Symptoms
Exercise Aggravates Symptoms
Limbs Drawn Up Aggravates Symptoms
Bad Breath
Sore, Cracked Lips
Biting Pain
Burning Pain - External
Dragging or Pulling Pain
Pressing, Persistent Pain - Internal
Tearing Pain - Internal
Weak Pulse
Itchy Skin
Symptoms Worse Before Sleeping
Sleeplessness Before Midnight
Cloudy Urine
Strong- or Offensive-smelling Urine
Greenish Vaginal Discarge
Hoarse Voice
Losing Voice
Being Fanned Alleviates Symptoms
Symptoms Worse in Morning
Symptoms Worse in Evening
Symptoms Worse Before Midnight
Desire to Be in Open Air
Warm, Wet Weather Aggravates Symptoms
Fatty Foods Aggravate Symptoms
Frozen Food Aggravates Symptoms
Rich Food Aggravates Symptoms
Salty Foods Aggravate Symptoms
Butter Aggravates Symptoms
Meat Which is Going Off Aggravates Symptoms
Pork Aggravates Symptoms
Aversion to Salty Foods
Desire for Salty Foods
Dullness, Sluggishness, Difficulty Understanding
Indifference, Lack of Interest in People or Things
Aversion to Thinking

Complementary Remedies

Kali carb.

Antidoting Remedies

Nux vom.

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Ailments & Diseases Alleviated by Carbo veg.

  Asphyxia in Newborn
  Asthma in Children
  Belching (Eructation)
  Candidiasis (Thrush, Candida)
  Cardiovascular Problems During Pregnancy
  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  Gastroenteritis (Gastric Flu)
  Hay Fever & Allergic Rhinitis
  Heart Failure
  Indigestion in Children
  Penis Problems
  Piles During Pregnancy
  Post Delivery Problems
  Raynaud`s Disease
  Thrush (Candidiasis, Candida)
  Tongue Disorders
  Vaginal & Vulval Problems
  Varicose Ulcers (Venous Ulcers)
  Varicose Veins

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