Phosphoric ac.

Acidum phosphoricum - phosphoric acid

This remedy is made from phosphoric acid, whose chief action is on the nervous system. Too much phosphoric acid can cause gastroenteritis.

Constitutional Indications
Phosphoric ac. has most affinity with children or young people who are growing fast and becoming thin and gangly. It is also indicated in people whose constitution, originally strong, has been undermined by a particularly virulent illness, by excessive loss of body fluids, or by grief or depression. Most Phosphoric ac. types have a mild, yielding temperament.

Symptoms Alleviated

The symptoms listed below are alleviated by Phosphoric ac.. Click on a symptom to find other remedies which alleviate that particular symptom:

Profuse Sweating
Pale-coloured Faeces
Faeces Containing Undigested Food
Moving Around Alleviates Symptoms
Changing Position Alleviates Symptoms
Exercise Aggravates Symptoms
Lifting Things Aggravates Symptoms
Lying on Affected Side Aggravates Symptoms
Sitting Aggravates Symptoms
Standing Aggravates Symptoms
Walking Alleviates Symptoms
Mouth Feels Dry
Burning Pain - External
Constricting Pain, Internal
Irregular Pulse
Rapid Pulse
Weak Pulse
Clammy Skin
Sensitive Skin
Sleep Alleviates Symptoms
Sleeplessness After Midnight
Lack of Thirst
Touching Aggravates Symptoms
Cloudy Urine
Pale, Almost Colourless Urine
Urinating Very Frequently
Becoming Cold Aggravates Symptoms
Becoming Overheated Improves Symptoms
Extreme Heat & Cold Aggravates Symptoms
Symptoms Worse in Morning
Symptoms Worse in Evening
Sensitivity to Music
Noise Aggravates Symptoms
Snow Aggravates Symptoms
Desire for Warm & Hot Food
Desire for Fish
Desire for Fruit
Desire for Juicy Things
Desire for Milk
Delusions, Hallucinations, Overactive Imagination
Dullness, Sluggishness, Difficulty Understanding
Embarrassment or Shame Aggravates Symptoms
Emotional Exhaustion, Apathy & Indifference Due to Grief
Excitement & Excitability
Ailments Bought on by Fright
Ailments Bought on by Grief
Indifference, Lack of Interest in People or Things
Aversion to Thinking
Ailments Bought on by Unhappy Love Affair
Talking Very Slowly
Talking Unintelligibly
No Desire to Talk

Antidoting Remedies


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Ailments & Diseases Alleviated by Phosphoric ac.

  Emotional Disturbance During Pregnancy
  Excessive Desire for Sex
  Gastroenteritis (Gastric Flu)
  Gastroenteritis in Infants
  Greasy Hair
  Greying Hair
  Growing Pains
  Hair Loss
  Lack of Desire for Sex
  Masturbation Worries
  Mental Exhaustion
  Urinary Problems During Pregnancy
  Vomiting in Infants

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