Apis mellifica - honey bee - whole bee, or poison from sting

From Apis mellifica, the honey bee. The remedy is prepared from whole bees dissolved in alcohol. Bee stings, as many people know to their cost, cause rapid, watery swellings which smart and burn; anaphylactic reactions can involve the heart and brain.

Warning: Because of its action on the kidneys, Apis is not recommended in a lower potency than 30c during pregnancy.

Symptoms Alleviated

The symptoms listed below are alleviated by Apis . Click on a symptom to find other remedies which alleviate that particular symptom:

Sweet Body Odour
Difficult, Laboured Breathing
Gasping for Breath
Red Complexion
Frightened Facial Expression
Stupid, Stupefied Facial Expression
Watery Faeces
Symptoms Worse on Right Side
Moving Around Aggravates Symptoms
Changing Position Aggravates Symptoms
Sitting Alleviates Symptoms
Pale Lips
Red Lips
Tongue Looks Black
Tongue Feels Dry
Tongue Red All Over
Tongue Looks Swollen
Burning Pain - External
Rapid Pulse
Itchy Skin
Red Skin
Sensitive Skin
Swelling Generally
Lack of Thirst
Touching Aggravates Symptoms
Firm Pressure Aggravates Symptoms
Cloudy Urine
Dark Urine
Strong- or Offensive-smelling Urine
Urinating Very Frequently
Where Vomiting is Main Symptom
Cold Baths Alleviate Symptoms
Cold Bathing & Cold Applications Improve Symptoms
Warmth Aggravates Symptoms
Warm Rooms Aggravates Symptoms
Warmth of Bed Aggravates Symptoms
Warm Applications Aggravates Symptoms
Radiant Heat Aggravates Symptoms
Stuffy Rooms Aggravates Symptoms
Being Fanned Alleviates Symptoms
Desire for Milk
Indifference, Lack of Interest in People or Things
Upset by Bad News
Desire for Sex Unsatisfied

Complementary Remedies

Baryta carb.
Natrum mur.

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Ailments & Diseases Alleviated by Apis

  Ankle Problems
  Bites & Stings
  Burning Feet
  Detached Retina
  Erysipelas (Cellulitis)
  Fever in Children
  Fits & Convulsions
  Foot Problems
  Frost Bite
  Glomerulonephritis (Bright`s Disease)
  Kidney Failure (Renal Failure)
  Lack of Desire for Sex
  Orbital Cellulitis
  Ovarian Cysts
  Pelvic Infection (Salpingitis, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease)
  Pre-Eclamptic Toxaemia (PET)
  Prickly Heat
  Sore Throat
  Still`s Disease
  Testicle & Scrotum Problems
  Tonsilitis in Children
  Urticaria (Nettle Rash, Hives)

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