Pulsatilla pratensis subsq nigricans - wind flower, pasque flower - whole fresh plant when in flower

From Pulsatilla nigricans, the pasque flower. The homeopathic remedy is made from the whole plant when it is in flower.

Constitutional Indications
Children who are small, fair, fine-boned, bright and cheerful, but also shy and sensitive and blush easily respond well to Pulsatilla. So do slightly plumper, darker, more languid children who crave affection but find it difficult to give. Adults who are shy, gentle, fair-skinned or fair-haired, and rather plump also benefit from Pulsatilla. The Pulsatilla type is easily led, easily moulded and rather changeable.

Symptoms Alleviated

The symptoms listed below are alleviated by Pulsatilla. Click on a symptom to find other remedies which alleviate that particular symptom:

Increase in Appetite
Lack of Appetite
Ravenous Appetite
Sickly Body Odour
Sweet Body Odour
Sweat Smells Offensive
Difficult, Laboured Breathing
Irregular Breathing
Wheezy or Asthmatic Breathing
Cough Dry or Loose, Depending on Time of Day
Cough Aggravated by Being in a Warm Room
Cough Causes Incontinence of Urine
Cough Associated with Lack of Thirst
Heavily Infected Discharge from Eyes
Mucus or Pus in Discharges from Eyes
Phlegm Clinging, Difficult to Cough Up
Copious Phlegm & Sputum
Greenish Phlegm & Sputum
Sticky Phlegm & Sputum
Yellowish Discharges from Urethra
Symptoms Worse After Eating
Eating to Satiety Aggravates Symptoms
Greenish Faeces
Watery Faeces
Symptoms Worse on Right Side
Rapid or Vigorous Movement Aggravates Symptoms
Bending Backwards Alleviates Symptoms
Changing Position Aggravates Symptoms
Limbs Drawn Up Aggravates Symptoms
Limbs Hanging Down Aggravates Symptoms
Lying Down Aggravates Symptoms
Lying on Back Alleviates Symptoms
Lying on Left Side Aggravates Symptoms
Lying on Right Side Alleviates Symptoms
Lying on Affected Side Alleviates Symptoms
Lying on Alleviated Side Aggravates Symptoms
Symptoms Worse Before Periods
Symptoms Worse During Periods
Symptoms Worse at Menopause
Dry Lips
Pale Lips
Tongue Feels Dry
Tongue White & Coated
Bland, Non-Stinging Nasal Discharge
Foul-smelling Nasal Discharge
Greenish Nasal Discharge
Thick Nasal Discharge
Yellowish Nasal Discharge
Boring, Penetrating Pain
Burning Pain - Internal
Constricting Pain, External
Cutting Pain - Internal
Flitting, Shifting Pain
Sudden Cramping Pain - External
Sudden Cramping Pain - Internal
Pressing, Persistent Pain - External
Pressing, Persistent Pain - Internal
Outward-pressing Pain
Scraping Pain
Stitch-like Pain - External
Stitch-like Pain - Internal
Tearing Pain - External
Tearing Pain - Internal
Rest Aggravates Symptoms
Being in Bed Aggravates Symptoms
Cracking Skin
Skin Cracks After Washing
Itchy Skin
Itchiness Aggravated by Scratching
Pale Skin
Symptoms Worse Before Sleeping
Symptoms Get Worse During Sleep
Symptoms Get Worse in First Stages of Sleep
Overpowering Desire to Sleep
Sleeplessness Before Midnight
Sleeplessness Due to Racing Thoughts
Talking in Sleep
Swelling Generally
Swelling of Affected Part Only
Lack of Thirst
Touching Aggravates Symptoms
Firm Pressure Alleviates Symptoms
Rubbing Alleviates Symptoms
Urinating Very Frequently
Burning, Scalding Vaginal Discarge
Creamy Vaginal Discarge
Excoriating Vaginal Discarge, Causing Skin to Blister
Watery Vaginal Discarge
Where Vomiting is Main Symptom
Vomit Mainly Bile
Vomit Contains Undigested Food
Mucus in Vomit
Vomit Tastes Sour
Symptoms Alleviated by Washing or Bathing
Cold Baths Alleviate Symptoms
Getting Wet Aggravates Symptoms
Wet Feet Aggravates Symptoms
Cold Air Improves Symptoms
Becoming Cold Improves Symptoms
Symptoms Come On After Catching Cold
Cold Bathing & Cold Applications Improve Symptoms
Warmth Aggravates Symptoms
Warm Rooms Aggravates Symptoms
Warmth of Bed Aggravates Symptoms
Warm Applications Aggravates Symptoms
Radiant Heat Aggravates Symptoms
Becoming Overheated Aggravates Symptoms
Stuffy Rooms Aggravates Symptoms
Symptoms Worse in Dark
Symptoms Worse in Morning
Symptoms Worse in Afternoon
Symptoms Worse in Evening
Symptoms Worse at Twilight
Symptoms Worse at Night
Symptoms Worse Before Midnight
Being Out of Doors Improves Symptoms
Desire to Be in Open Air
Becoming Warm in Open Air Aggravates Symptoms
Symptoms Worse in Spring
Wet Weather Aggravates Symptoms
Snow Aggravates Symptoms
Sun Aggravates Symptoms
Symptoms Worse Before Thunderstorm
Wind Aggravates Symptoms
Windy & Stormy Weather Aggravates Symptoms
Vinegar Improves Symptoms
Aversion to Warm & Hot Drinks
Raw Food Aggravates Symptoms
Fatty Foods Aggravate Symptoms
Frozen Food Aggravates Symptoms
Fruit Aggravates Symptoms
Rich Food Aggravates Symptoms
Bread Aggravates Symptoms
Buckwheat Aggravates Symptoms
Butter Aggravates Symptoms
Cabbage Aggravates Symptoms
Meat Which is Going Off Aggravates Symptoms
Onions Aggravate Symptoms
Pancakes Aggravate Symptoms
Pastry Aggravates Symptoms
Pork Aggravates Symptoms
Sauerkraut Aggravates Symptoms
Aversion to Warm & Hot Food
Aversion to Fatty & Rich Foods
Aversion to Fruit
Aversion to Meat
Aversion to Butter
Desire for Cold Food
Desire for Herrings & Other Oily Fish
Tobacco Aggravates Symptoms
Dullness, Sluggishness, Difficulty Understanding
Excitement & Excitability
Ailments Bought on by Too Much Excitement or Joy
Indifference, Lack of Interest in People or Things
Restlessness, Nervousness
Sympathy Relieves Symptoms
Increased Libido
Desire for Sex Unsatisfied
No Desire to Talk

Complementary Remedies

Nux vom.

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Ailments & Diseases Alleviated by Pulsatilla

  Abdominal Migraine (Cyclical Vomiting)
  Appetite Changes
  Asthma in Children
  Backache During Pregnancy
  Bad Breath (Halitosis)
  Belching (Eructation)
  Breast Problems
  Breast-Feeding Problems
  Burning Feet
  Candidiasis (Thrush, Candida)
  Cardiovascular Problems During Pregnancy
  Chicken Pox
  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  Colds in Children
  Corneal Ulcer
  Cough in Children
  Delayed Periods After Childbirth
  Delayed Puberty
  Diarrhoea During Pregnancy
  Emergency Childbirth
  Eustachian Tube Blockage
  Excessive Salivation During Pregnancy
  Fainting - First Aid
  False Pains
  Gastroenteritis (Gastric Flu)
  Glue Ear
  Hay Fever & Allergic Rhinitis
  Indigestion During Pregnancy
  Indigestion in Children
  Intercourse Anxiety
  Irritable Bladder (Urge Incontinence)
  Lack of Confidence
  Lack of Desire for Sex
  Menstrual Problems
  Middle Ear Infection (Otitis Media)
  Morning Sickness
  Nasal Polyps
  Nausea & Vomiting
  Osteoarthritis (Osteoarthrosis)
  Piles (Haemorrhoids)
  Piles During Pregnancy
  Post Delivery Problems
  Post Natal Depression
  Post Partum Haemorrhage
  Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
  Prostate Problems
  Raynaud`s Disease
  Retained Placenta
  Rheumatic Fever
  Roseola Infantum
  Rubella (German Measles)
  Sex After Childbirth
  Sleep Problems
  Still`s Disease
  Stress Incontinence
  Testicle & Scrotum Problems
  Thrush (Candidiasis, Candida)
  Twitching Eyelids
  Urinary Problems During Pregnancy
  Urticaria (Nettle Rash, Hives)
  Uterus Problems
  Vaginal & Vulval Problems
  Varicose Veins
  Weight Problems & Eating Disorders

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