Arthritis Diet

This is an alkaline diet used for the treatment of Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis and other conditions where over-acidity is thought to play a part. Naturopaths believe that arthritis is caused by the accumulation of toxic acids in the joints. These acids are thought to come naturally from the intestine, and from a failure of the body's metabolism to detoxify them when in excess in the diet. Time limit - maximum - of the diet is one month and it should then be relaxed either by introducing forbidden foods one at a time or by having any of the foods previously not permitted on two occasions during the week.

Opinions on the efficacy of this diet in the treatment of arthritis and other 'acid' conditions vary from ridicule from the orthodox medical profession to claims of miraculous cures from naturopaths. The dietary recommendations given here represent a cross section of those opinions. They should be adhered to until the condition has stabilized. Remember to relax the restrictions after one month; then they can be relaxed further - although certain items should be avoided for life, such as white bread, junk food etc., except on very rare occasions. The dietary advice that follows on these pages should be followed strictly unless otherwise directed by your practitioner. These recommendations are an adjunct to individual homeopathic prescriptions and are designed to give your body the best possible chance to heal itself.

Foods to avoid

  1. Red meat (beef, lamb, pork)
  2. Cow's milk, cheese and yoghurt
  3. Brown and white wheat flour, bran (do not use any produce where wheat starch, edible starch, cereal binder, cereal filler or cereal protein are listed as ingredients)
  4. Citrus fruit, fruit covered in wax, such as imported apples
  5. Dry roasted nuts
  6. Sugar (and foods containing sugar), syrup, treacle and honey
  7. Coffee, decaffeinated coffee, cocoa, tea, alcohol
  8. Salt, pepper, vinegar
  9. Butter and margarine - use as little as possible
  10. Chocolate

Foods allowed

  1. White fish, pulses (peas, beans, lentils, etc), chicken - two meals a week only, egg - two meals of two eggs a week only
  2. Goat's milk, cheese and yoghurt, soya milk
  3. Oats, brown rice, corn (maize), buckwheat pasta. millet, 100% rye crispbread e.g. Ryvita, sugar-free oatcakes, sugar-free muesli e.g. Waitrose's
  4. All other fruit, dried fruit, tomatoes twice a week only
  5. All vegetables
  6. All other nuts especially hazel, almond, cashew and walnut
  7. Sugar cane molasses, dried fruit, sugar-free jams such as Nature's Store, Robertson's and Whole Earth products
  8. Grain coffees (e.g. Caro Extra), herbal teas, maté and rooibosch teas, suitable unsweetened fruit juices, unsalted instant soup, vegetable juices
  9. Ruthmol salt, Martlett salt-free salad cream, Vecon vegetarian stock cubes
  10. Vegetable margarine (Vitaseig, Vitaquell, Tomor), vegetable oil
  11. Carob

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