Pro-biotics is the process of re-populating the bowel with healthy bacteria which are meant to be living there, called Lactobacillus acidophilus. It counters yeast growth by preventing mycelial extensions (see Candidiasis), and is also capable of producing natural antibiotics which are effective against food-borne organisms. The obvious problem is that any tablet, powder or capsule or pill will be attacked by all the digestive enzymes and killed by the time it gets to the bowel. However, it seems that women, who need this most, do not usually produce adequate amounts of acid in the stomach and enzymes from the pancreas in the first place; this may be part of the problem.

Some products appear to be more effective than others; in many cases it is worth having one carton a day of a BA yoghurt (containing Bulgaricus acidophilus) in addition to the supplement. One or two women have had reactions from taking Acidophilus, such as Nausea, disturbing flatulence and wind. In these cases the supplement should be stopped. Unless otherwise stated, Acidophilus supplements should be kept refrigerated. Avoid any products containing Streptococcus organisms. In the USA it has been suggested that taking Acidophilus cultures for too long can pre-dispose the Cancer of the bowel. Like all other supplements, it should therefore be stopped at weekends after being taken for one month. It should probably not be continued for longer than 3-4 months.

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