Involved with blood-sugar regulation and the hormone insulin. Clouding of the cornea, Atherosclerosis and low fertility are symptoms of deficiency.

Blackstrap molasses, honey, brewer's yeast, wholewheat bread, nuts, shellfish, kidney, liver, grape juice, black pepper.

Supplements Available
Brewer's yeast, solution of chromic chloride.

Children and adolescents 0.1-1 mcg per kg of weight a day
Adults 25 mcgs
Maximum dose 200 mcg

Side Effects
Very large doses may be Cancer-forming. Glucose tolerance factor chromium preparations are more active but are yeast derived and people with yeast allergies should avoid them.

Important Notes
Dosages advised are deliberately on the safe side and may not be high enough to give benefit, but it is recommended that higher dosages should only be taken under the care of a practitioner experienced in nutritional medicine.

Side Effects refer to effects of much larger doses on the whole than those recommended here.

* for explanation, please see Introduction to Nutritional Supplements

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