Necessary for healthy liver, heart and white blood cells. Liver disease, Skin ProblemsCancer and Arthritis may indicate deficiency.

Brewer's yeast, sesame seeds, garlic, eggs, fish, shellfish, offal and vegetables.

Supplements Available
Tablets or solution

Infants 10-13 mcg
Children 15-30 mcg
Women 45-60 mcg
Lactating mothers 60-75 mcg
Men 45-75 mcg
Maximum dose 200 mcg

Side Effects
Dental Decay in children under 12, Hair Loss, brittle nails, fatigue, skin rash, Loss of Appetite, sour taste in mouth, possibly congenital malformations.

Important Notes
Dosages advised are deliberately on the safe side and may not be high enough to give benefit, but it is recommended that higher dosages should only be taken under the care of a practitioner experienced in nutritional medicine.

Side Effects refer to effects of much larger doses on the whole than those recommended here.

* for explanation, please see Introduction to Nutritional Supplements

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