One of the lesser known B vitamins. Helps to prevent mycelial extension of fungi, i.e. Candida (see Candidiasis).

Meats, dairy products and wholegrain cereals.

Possible to become deficient in it when on long-term antibiotics, and by eating large amounts of raw egg; this contains substance which counteracts biotin.

Supplements Available
Tablets, dose 500 mcg daily

Not known; safe intake set at 180-200 mcg a day.

Important Notes
Dosage advised is deliberately on the safe side and may not be high enough to give benefit, but it is recommended that higher dosages should only be taken under the care of a practitioner experienced in nutritional medicine.

* for explanation, please see Introduction to Nutritional Supplements

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Ailment & Diseases

  Candidiasis (Thrush, Candida)
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